Saw “Secret Life of Pets” . It started with potential, cute, great animation. It went downhill from there. Hyper kinetic violence, crude humor and many negative social message for kids and parents alike. The ‘gang’ leader of abandoned pets living in the sewer talks graphically about eviscerating their human owners and killing them in ‘revenge’ type scenarios. Also, he’s a bully and some in the audience thought it was funny while others I observed were clearly uncomfortable. Even though the leader was an adorable , fuzzy white bunny, it portrayed a kinda gangsta stereotype that you see all too often personified by people of color. The similar dialect and ignorance was offensive. There were some cute parts in the movie, but overall, I give it 1 star for over the top gratuitous violence, giving credence to revenge & vindication and many other negative social commentaries as a teacher we try to dispel in out students.(but how can we when hollywood is churning out this garbage) Nowhere in the previews for this film is there an inkling of what is to come. Some parents in front of me and in my row were visibly uneasy and fidgeted in their seats hearing some of the dialogue and the imagery. But for some reason others in the audience thought the violence, angry repartees among otherwise pleasant characters were funny. The bullying and negative messages were NOT funny. But still, If you like hyper kinetic animation with cruel irony in Genuine ADHD similar to Angry Birds or Calvin & Hobbs, The Simpsons and Sponge Bob Squarepants-“THE MOVIE” you’ll like this. But think twice before bringing the kids…the messages are not subtle and in some instances unnecessarily disturbing.

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